Our best selling bag

The Octopus

I am passion personified and amplified. I am Lava.

Luxury Looks Like

The Downtown

Made for the Concrete Crusader

Versitility in Utility

From our tote with its detachable clutch to the clutch that morphs into a shopper - we give the wearer more than just a handbag.

Versatility in utility

The Drone

Never compromise functionality for fashion. I am constantly building, and creating. Sowing. Reaping a network of sweet nectar. I multiply my abundance. I am the honeycomb. I am the Drone.

Versatility of Utility

The Drone

Never Compromise Functionality for Fashion

The Relic Mini Collection

The Merchant

I carry my own bag. I am a collector of my own arts and goods. I am the holder of gold. I am the Merchant.

The Maestro

I am the magnificent symphony that leaves you breathless. I am the leader of collective sound. I am the Maestro.

The Mayday

I am the white-knuckled hold on my dreams. I am the fortitude to see them through. I am the one-­two-punch. I am the Mayday.